Reheating Food: To Warm or Not to Warm?

This image shows food being reheated.

Most kitchens, domestic and commercial, regularly end the night with leftover food, which is still likely edible. Furthermore, when cooking in bulk, some dishes are just not practical to make fresh to order. Some chefs might even tell you that certain stews and curries taste better after reheating. Reheating food, though, can be a dangerous…

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What Does Best Before Mean? How to Understand Food Dates

This photo shows the different tags for different expiry dates, answwering the question, what does best before mean?

Part of food hygiene doctrine is ensuring that all your produce is fresh and/or safe to eat. However, the food dating system can be difficult to understand. There are 4 main date types. You should base your actions on the date presented and whichever date type assigned to it. So, what does best before mean,…

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The Importance of Handwashing in Food Preparation

This photo demonstrates the importance of handwashing.

The importance of handwashing in food preparation cannot be underestimated; it is a key tenet of good food hygiene. If you are preparing food, at work or at home, wash your hands well and often, lest you face the consequences. Bacteria can spread easily from physical contact. In a kitchen, this means it can spread…

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