Food Safety Myths: 5 Commonly Mishandled Foods

Washing raw chicken is one of our examples of common food safety myths.

You should scientifically manage your food hygiene in any kitchen or food preparation area. Often, people who take food hygiene training find that they have taken a word-of-mouth or ‘grapevine’ approach to food safety. However, legal requirements for food hygiene are based on evidenced science, so your methods should be too. Here are 5 common…

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Just a Cold? What To Do When You Are Ill and Work With Food

This photo shows someone who is ill and works with food, resting in bed.

When you work with food in any capacity, you hold the health of the people who eat that food in your hands. You could pass on nasty bugs and bacteria with unclean hands. Whilst this can produce some unpleasant general consequences, for the elderly or children it could result in serious illness. So, what should…

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