Street Food Hygiene: 5 Common Problems for Traders

A man serves hot soup at a street trader stall; he wears a mask whilst serving, so is aware of the need for good street food hygiene.

There are a startling number of street traders in the UK. Every festival, high street, farmer’s market and shopping centre seems to have a stall, van or kiosk selling anything from sandwiches to sushi. It’s a multi-million pound industry which employs people from all cultures. Of course, street traders can fall victim to the same…

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Hidden Bacteria: 5 Kitchen Areas with Unseen Bacterial Growth

Cleaning agents and handwash fight hidden bacteria which we can't always detect.

Areas of food preparation must also be areas of flawless food hygiene practice. Food businesses have a legal requirement to meet the national standards for food safety. Often, staff properly maintain and clean the obvious kitchen surfaces. However, it is often in unexpected areas where hidden bacteria thrive and can create serious and even life-threatening…

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