Mastering the ‘Clean As You Go’ Policy

This picture shows a kitchen worker adhering to the 'clean as you go' policy.

The ‘clean as you go’ policy is standard working practice in the food industry. It is one of the simplest, most reliable methods of meeting the food hygiene standards required by the Environmental Health Office (EHO). What Is ‘Clean As You Go’? ‘Clean as you go’ is a policy of responding to the cleaning needs…

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Preparing For The EHO Visit: A Checklist

A food hygiene inspector reviews goods on an EHO Visit.

What does an EHO Visit consist of? If you prepare food for public consumption, you will eventually be visited by the Environmental Health Officer. The It is a legal requirement that they visit. As a food provider, you are legislatively bound to accommodate their visit and give them access to your premises. However, preparing for…

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