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Food Hygiene Ratings

Preparing For The EHO Visit

EHO visit

What They Do, How They Do It & How To Sail Through It! The Environmental Health Officer is coming. If you prepare food for consumption by the public then at some point, inevitably and unquestionably, the EHO visit will happen. The EHO is concerned with food safety so they will come knocking to check you…

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The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Guide

food hygiene rating

What Is It And What Does It All Mean? If you work preparing food for consumption by the public, you need to think about the food hygiene rating scheme. There is no leeway on this, it is a legal requirement. Every eligible business in England, Wales and Northern Ireland must have a rating and it…

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Green Light or Red Light? What Do Food Hygiene Ratings Really Mean?

When you visit a food outlet in England and Wales you may well see a green sticker listing a food hygiene score. These are intended to tell the consumer how well the business is performing against hygiene targets. To really understand why the rating matters so that you can judge whether you would want to…

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