Feeling Ill, then should you be at work?

food hygiene training

When you are working in a kitchen, food production, or food retail area, you sometimes literally have the health of the people who eat your food in your hands. The hands that you use to touch the food you make could pass on some pretty nasty bugs, and, while this can produce some unpleasant symptoms…

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Taking The Overall Approach To Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene Certificates prove your team are trained

From 5 to 1 – Why you need to pay attention to every part of your food hygiene regime. Regardless of how it may feel sometimes the job of your Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is not to catch you out. They are not trying to close you down or on the hunt for reasons to…

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Is Dropping ‘Best Before’ the Best Idea?

best before stamp

You probably noticed that Tesco have recently made the bold move of dropping the ‘Best Before’ date from the labelling of some of their fresh fruit and vegetables. According to the retail giant, this move is partly motivated by a desire to decrease the amount of food wasted by consumers. On the face of it…

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Do You Need Level 2 Food Hygiene Training For Retailing Food?

retail supermarket

One of the questions we seem to be asked regularly is, ‘Do I really need training?’ The answer is very simple. If you handle, prepare or serve food that is to be consumed by the public, yes, you probably do. What sort of training you need depends on the role you will be performing and…

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Contaminating Beasts and Where to Find Them – Common Kitchen Pests

kitchen pests

My apologies to J.K. Rowling for the stolen title, but sometimes the way pests get into food preparation areas seems extraordinary enough to justify the magical link. One of the areas covered in food hygiene training is recognising the common pests that you may find in a kitchen, along with details of the diseases they…

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Food Hygiene Is Vital or Social Media Could Ruin Your Business

good reviews vs bad reviews

The internet is a marvellous thing. The ability to have a constant supply of information, communication and cats doing funny stuff at your fingertips is probably one of the greatest advances in human history. However, like all advances, it can be double-edged sword. Social media is a fact of life. We all tweet, post and…

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What Is The Real Cost of Bad Food Hygiene Practice?

A sign is stuck on a shop window with a '1' score, signifying bad food hygiene.

If you run a business, there is a bit of a trade-off to be made sometimes between the cost of training and the benefits of having a trained staff. There are all sorts of training courses available and they will all provide some useful experience to your staff, but they all also have a price…

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