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Does The Environmental Health Officer Care About Training?

Food poisoning is particularly dangerous to the very young and older people

Care home fined for food hygiene issues In the Summer of 2018 a care home in Greater Manchester found itself on the receiving end of a hefty fine (£104,000) in relation to food hygiene and safety issues. Since then the facility has improved considerably and is now back on track, which is to their credit,…

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Secret World of Allergy Sufferers

Allergic reactions can be very dangerous

The importance of taking the lead when it comes to allergy information about your ingredients. Way back in December 2014, when the new allergy laws came into force, there were printers chattering all over the country as everyone rushed to print out their ‘If you need information on allergens…” signs. You still see them occasionally…

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5 Food Hygiene Problems Faced By Street Vendors

street market

There are a startling number of street traders in the UK. Every festival, industrial estate, farmer’s market and shopping centre seems to have a stall, van or kiosk selling everything from sandwiches to sushi. It is a multi-million pound industry and employs people from just about every culture in the UK and beyond. If you…

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5 Areas Where Bacteria Can Hide From Your Hygiene Regime

food bacteria

In a working food preparation area there needs to be a very strict food hygiene management scheme in place. It is a legal requirement to meet the required national standards for food safety, and when the inspection happens the inspector will want to see the management process. Perhaps because of this it is easy to…

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Do You Need Level 2 Food Hygiene Training for Manufacturing?

food hygiene training

Every day in England and Wales, thousands of businesses produce millions of food items for sale to the public. The range of foodstuffs made is startling, with everything from small businesses that provide niche products through to huge national brands producing snacks and meals for the consumers. Each of these manufacturers is handling and storing…

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Do You Need Level 2 Food Hygiene Training for Catering?

food catering

The answer to the question above is, ‘If you prepare and serve food directly to the public, then yes, you probably do.’ It really is that simple, because it is a legal requirement that anyone who sells food to the public ensures all staff members are trained to a suitable level and that they meet…

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Do You Need Level 2 Food Hygiene Training For Retailing Food?

retail supermarket

One of the questions we seem to be asked regularly is, ‘Do I really need training?’ The answer is very simple. If you handle, prepare or serve food that is to be consumed by the public, yes, you probably do. What sort of training you need depends on the role you will be performing and…

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Chicken and Other Super Villains – 5 Foods That Are Commonly Mishandled

cooked chicken

The management of food hygiene in a working kitchen or food preparation area should be based on facts and science. One of the things that some people who take food hygiene training at Level 2 find surprising is that they have been preparing food under some misconceptions in the past. It is important that the…

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