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Contaminating Beasts and Where to Find Them – Common Kitchen Pests

kitchen pests

My apologies to J.K. Rowling for the stolen title, but sometimes the way pests get into food preparation areas seems extraordinary enough to justify the magical link. One of the areas covered in food hygiene training is recognising the common pests that you may find in a kitchen, along with details of the diseases they…

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Food Hygiene Is Vital or Social Media Could Ruin Your Business

good reviews vs bad reviews

The internet is a marvellous thing. The ability to have a constant supply of information, communication and cats doing funny stuff at your fingertips is probably one of the greatest advances in human history. However, like all advances, it can be double-edged sword. Social media is a fact of life. We all tweet, post and…

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Best, Use, Sell and Display – What The Dates on Food Actually Mean

expiry dates tags

One of the doctrines of good food hygiene is keeping track of the freshness of the produce in your preparation chain. Every manufacturer, retailer and kitchen wants to provide products that are not only safe to eat, but also contain the best and most appealing ingredients. The Level 2 food hygiene training will go into…

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When And Why You Should Wash Your Hands

food hygiene training

When you are working in food preparation, whether in a commercial kitchen or at home, it is absolutely vital that you make sure you wash your hands whenever needed. Washing is a basic principle of good hygiene and it is covered in full in any food hygiene training. Cleaning your hands is vital if you…

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5 Food Safety and Hygiene Myths

food safety myths

I am sure you have heard of the 5-Second Rule, but if you haven’t, it’s the theory that food dropped on the floor is safe to eat if you pick it up within 5 seconds. Parents tend to mutter it when they see a toddler picking up and eating a dropped treat. Well, the bad…

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What Is The Real Cost of Bad Food Hygiene Practice?

food hygiene rating

If you run a business, there is a bit of a trade-off to be made sometimes between the cost of training and the benefits of having a trained staff. There are all sorts of training courses available and they will all provide some useful experience to your staff, but they all also have a price…

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