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Early Years Food Hygiene Training

early years food hygiene training

Did you know, Early Years food hygiene training is essential training if you prepare or serve food to children under the age of 5 in any work or volunteer role? Here’s the reason why… Do you work in the Early Years? If you work with children under the age of 5 in the United Kingdom,…

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What Are The 5 Food Safety Rules?

food safety training

If you work in a role that involves handling, storing, serving, or preparing food in the United Kingdom, you need to know the basics of food safety. Here are 5 important food safety rules you should be sure to apply to your business. Rule 1: Maintain a high standard of food hygiene It’s essential to…

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Free Food Hygiene Certificates

free food hygiene certificate

If you handle food at work, it’s a legal requirement that you receive supervision and/or food hygiene training to ensure the safety of the general public and your business’s reputation. Depending on your role, it may be enough for you to be trained in food hygiene by a senior member of staff who has already…

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How Important Is Food Hygiene Training in The UK?

food hygiene training

If you already make sure to keep your kitchen clean and food stored safely, do you still need to take a food hygiene training course? What are the consequences if you don’t have a food hygiene training certificate? What can a food hygiene training course teach me? Though it might seem like the basics of…

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Do I need to display my food hygiene rating?

food hygiene rating

Whether it’s a glowing five-star rating or a less-than-admirable score, what are the rules about displaying your food hygiene rating in the United Kingdom? What is a food hygiene rating? In the United Kingdom, every business premises where food is handled or prepared will be given a food hygiene rating after inspection by the local…

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Food Hygiene Tips for Businesses

food hygiene training

A food hygiene training course is only the start of your business’s mission to achieve a high standard of food safety. Here are our top tips for food hygiene in the workplace. Food Hygiene Tips A verifiable food hygiene training course will teach you all you need to know about effective food hygiene, but here…

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Who Needs a Food Hygiene Rating?

food hygiene ratings on just eat

All businesses that handle food in the United Kingdom will be inspected on their food hygiene and given a food hygiene rating periodically. Does this include you? What is a food hygiene rating? A food hygiene rating is given after inspection of any business premises where food is handled or prepared in the United Kingdom.…

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Where Can I Take Food Hygiene Training?


It’s important to keep up to date with your food safety training certificates if you work in a kitchen, but are you aware of where to take food hygiene training in the UK? In some cases, you might not even have to leave your workplace to get certified—here’s why. Food hygiene training… If you work…

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Does The Environmental Health Officer Care About Training?

Food poisoning is particularly dangerous to the very young and older people

Care home fined for food hygiene issues In the Summer of 2018 a care home in Greater Manchester found itself on the receiving end of a hefty fine (£104,000) in relation to food hygiene and safety issues. Since then the facility has improved considerably and is now back on track, which is to their credit,…

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