Types of Food Hazard: What You Need to Know!

food hazard

There is somewhat of a ‘not-so-fantastic-four’ of types of food hazard, which you should come to know almost instinctively. These groups cover all of the common and most of the uncommon food dangers that you may encounter within the kitchen. Chemical Hazards Obviously, the chemical agents with which we clean the kitchen are not for…

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Just a Cold? What To Do When You Are Ill and Work With Food

This photo shows someone who is ill and works with food, resting in bed.

When you work with food in any capacity, you hold the health of the people who eat that food in your hands. You could pass on nasty bugs and bacteria with unclean hands. Whilst this can produce some unpleasant general consequences, for the elderly or children it could result in serious illness. So, what should…

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Stomach Bug or Food Poisoning? Why are you Unwell?

Stomach bug or food poisoning? This photo demonstrates is of a spoonful of bacteria, asking the question 'Did food bacteria cause your illness?'

So, picture the scene. Yesterday evening, you went out for a curry, had a few beers and got home late. In the morning, you feel nauseous, headachey, and want to stay within two feet of the toilet. In these circumstances, we telll work that we have a stomach bug or food poisoning, crawl back into…

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