Start a Food Business from Home: A Guide

start a food business from home

Introduction With many food businesses closed during the pandemic, lockdown offered an opportunity for many of us to hone our culinary talents. Perhaps you had a moment of realisation, mid-banana bread, that all this food you’ve been making is pretty great and maybe you should look into selling some of it locally. The problem is…

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Food Hygiene for Childminders: A Guide

food hygiene for childminders

Introduction – Food Hygiene for Childminders If you work as a childminder from your own home and provide food and drinks to children, you must abide by UK Food Safety requirements. Whilst proper food safety practice is vital for any business providing food to the public, the consequences of poor food hygiene for childminders can…

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How many Restaurants and Cafes are there in the UK?


As of 22 October 2021, there are 108,266 restaurants and cafes in the UK that have an active food hygiene rating. This includes all types of restaurant, for example staff canteens. In the last 12 months, there were 11,103 restaurants and cafes opened throughout the country. This averages 925 per month or 30 per day. The impact…

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Free Food Hygiene Certificates

This photo shows a transaction between staff and customer at a food stall.

If you handle food at work, it is a legal requirement that you receive food hygiene training to ensure the safety of the general public, your staff and your business reputation. To be on the safe side, many businesses insist that all staff who handle food must have a valid food hygiene training certificate. As…

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Street Food Hygiene: 5 Common Problems for Traders

A man serves hot soup at a street trader stall; he wears a mask whilst serving, so is aware of the need for good street food hygiene.

There are a startling number of street traders in the UK. Every festival, high street, farmer’s market and shopping centre seems to have a stall, van or kiosk selling anything from sandwiches to sushi. It’s a multi-million pound industry which employs people from all cultures. Of course, street traders can fall victim to the same…

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