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Early Years Food Hygiene Training

early years food hygiene training

Did you know, Early Years food hygiene training is essential training if you prepare or serve food to children under the age of 5 in any work or volunteer role? Here’s the reason why… Do you work in the Early Years? If you work with children under the age of 5 in the United Kingdom,…

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How Long Does a Food Hygiene Course Take To Complete?

food hygiene training

You need to set aside time for food hygiene training to fulfil the legal requirements if you work around food. But exactly how much time does a food hygiene training course take to complete, and do you need to close the business in order to attend one? Food Hygiene Training Here at the Food Hygiene…

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Is Dropping ‘Best Before’ the Best Idea?

best before stamp

You probably noticed that Tesco have recently made the bold move of dropping the ‘Best Before’ date from the labelling of some of their fresh fruit and vegetables. According to the retail giant, this move is partly motivated by a desire to decrease the amount of food wasted by consumers. On the face of it…

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