Food Hygiene Courses

The Level 1 Food Hygiene training course is perfect for those who work in food-related job roles but do not handle or prepare raw food.  If you're unsure we'd recommend taking Level 2.

The Level 2 Food Hygiene course is suitable for the majority of people working in the food industry either preparing or serving food.  Supervisors should take Level 3.

The Level 3 Certificate in Food Safety is designed for managers and supervisors who need a broad understanding of food safety control.

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RoSPA-accredited, CPD-approved food hygiene courses
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"The Food Hygiene Company is very responsive and understanding of our organisation’s requirements. It's an easy-to-use and set-up management system, with a very supportive and accessible support team who we find friendly and efficient. It’s simple to make additional purchases and to set up new franchises as we open them."

Zakaria Kari - Operational Planner & Coordinator, Oodles

Which Course Do I Need?

We've created an easy-to-follow resource to help you figure out which level and type of training you should take.

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Popular Courses

Level 2 Food Hygiene training for Early Years is one of our most popular certificates. It is ideal for nurseries, childminders, nannies and other early years practitioners.

We're proud of our COVID-secure courses

Covid Updated Accreditation

During lockdown, we've taken the time to update our food hygiene courses to include the necessary COVID-compliant food practices. Contact our customer support to find out exactly how we're helping you to stay COVID-safe.