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Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety

Our RoSPA-approved  Food Safety and Hygiene for Level 2 online training courses are perfect for those handling or serving food in non-supervisory roles.

Our sector-specific courses cover why you need to know about food safety and hygiene, key terms, key legislation, the responsibilities of employers and employees, the role of Environmental Health Officers, what HACCP is and its main steps, main hazards and control measures.

A certificate is available on completion of the course.


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Choose your Level 2 Food Hygiene course:

Tailored to those who handle or serve food directly to the consumer. Most food industry workers will need this course.

Designed for early years practitioners who serve food to children in the Early Years environment, such as nurseries.

Designed for childminders, au-pairs and nannies who serve and prepare food to children in their own homes.

The best course for those assembling, processing and/or packaging food, often on food production lines, in factories, high volume bakers or confectioners.

Designed for those who prepare food for people to eat at home or off-site, including supermarket staff, butchers and fishmongers.

Tailored to those who run food businesses from home, such as home bakers and anybody who prepares food at home to sell to the public.

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FAQ about our Level 2 Food Hygiene Course

By law, you do not need a food hygiene certificate. However, all staff preparing, handling and serving food have a legal requirement for proper training in good food hygiene practice. When the Environmental Health Officer visits, you must be able to prove that all food handlers are trained in food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activity. A verifiable food hygiene certificate is the best evidence.

If you prepare or handle food for public consumption, you need to be trained in good food hygiene practice. Most often, food workers need Level 2 Food Hygiene training.

There is no defined point at which you must renew a certificate. You must always be able to show your capability in the most up-to-date food hygiene standards. We recommend a refresh every 2 to 3 years and will gently remind you when you should renew.

Whilst earning your certificate, you will learn about food temperature guidelines, proper cleaning policies, the realms of hidden bacteria and much more. Our courses fully cover your UK legal requirements. When the Environmental Health Officer comes, you can rest assured, knowing that your training is extensive and detailed.

Absolutely. Course levels are not progressive; you don't have to take Level 1, for example, in order to 'qualify' for Level 2. The level system simply indicates the degree of knowledge each course offers. On choosing a course, take a level which reflects the requirements of your role within the business.

Which Course Do I Need?

We've created an easy-to-follow resource to help you figure out which level and type of training you should take.

How long does a Level 2 Food Hygiene course take?

Our Level 2 courses should take 1 to 2 hours to complete. However, take as much time as you need; there's no limit! You can find more information on taking courses on the Food Hygiene Company blog. Whilst you're there, why not take a deep dive into some of our other articles?

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“The course covered everything we needed. The training was clear and easy to follow.”

Marian Traves, M&Ms Clovers Coffee Shop & Diner


““Very thorough in covering all aspects needed for food hygiene.”

Rose Suter, Zach’s Café

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Need something different?

Level 1 - Food Hygiene Certificate

Perfect for those who work in a food business setting but don't directly handle food themselves.

Level 3 - Food Safety Supervision

Our most comprehensive course. Designed for managers and supervisors who need a broad understanding of food safety control.

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