The Food Hygiene Danger Zone

Somebody checking the temperature of some food in a sauce pan

The Food Hygiene Danger Zone Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, understanding how to store, reheat and cook food is fundamental to maintaining good food safety practices. At the heart of these practices lies the concept of the food hygiene danger zone. This zone is a critical temperature range where food is…

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Allergenic Ingredients in Pre-Packaged Foods

A lady in a supermarket looking at pre-packaged foods

Allergenic Ingredients in Pre-Packaged Foods In the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, pre-packaged foods have become indispensable for their convenience and diversity, catering to our ever-busy schedules and new and more varied diets. The rise in popularity of pre-packaged foods not only triggers concerns regarding nutrition, obesity and the environment but also introduces health…

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Keeping Food Safe in your Fridge

Somebody looking at food in a fridge

Keeping Food Safe in Your Fridge Keeping food safe in your fridge is crucial for protecting consumers. Proper food storage is key as it helps prevent spoilage and the growth of harmful bacteria, which in turn reduces the risk of foodborne diseases. This guide will give you an overview of the essential principles of food…

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Food Allergy Quiz

Food allergens including egs, peanuts, and the other allergens.

Food allergies are a serious concern for many individuals as they can cause a severe reaction. As food service providers and those involved in the handling, producing or serving food then it is crucial to have a solid understanding of how to identify and manage food allergens to ensure the safety of your customers. This food…

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Food Hygiene in Care Homes

Food Hygiene in Care Homes As a leading food hygiene training company, we understand the significance of maintaining excellent standards in any kitchen. Care homes are placed under just as much scrutiny when it comes to food hygiene standards as commercial kitchens. In this blog, we will explore the key aspects of food hygiene in…

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Basic Food Hygiene Course – What does it mean?

Basic Food Hygiene Food hygiene courses educate staff on the right way to handle and prepare food, protecting customers from harmful diseases. It is important that food businesses train their staff so they can set minimum food safety standards and implement good hygiene practices. This ensures businesses are legally compliant with food hygiene regulations. Most…

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Food and Social Media

A positive internet review shows the interlinking of food and social media.

The impact of social media on a customer’s decision to buy food from your business is huge and, importantly, growing. The internet itself is not necessarily a new platform for food criticism; restaurant review websites are as old as the internet itself. However, more and more people make their consumerism choices based on social media…

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Food Hygiene Legislation

Food Hygiene Legislation Learning and applying what you learn in a food hygiene course starts with understanding the basic food principles and what pieces of food hygiene legislation inform them. These regulations are not just there to teach you the best practice. They are there to ensure employers and employees are held accountable for food hygiene…

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Food Allergen Labels

Food Allergen Labels – Why They’re Important The food we eat undergoes a lot of inspection and must meet many requirements before it eventually reaches us – this is to keep us safe and to stop serious incidents of disease. However, between the food industry lacking in adhering to strict standards and population’s general mistrust…

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Food Hygiene at Christmas

Food Hygiene at Christmas Turkeys are tricky.  The centrepiece of most household’s Christmas dinner is far more difficult to get right than many people realise.  There are similar difficulties if you are at a hospitality venue during the Christmas season.  Every year, the person or venue cooking the Christmas dinner can look up the best…

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