Food Allergen Labels

Food Allergen Labels – Why They’re Important The food we eat undergoes a lot of inspection and must meet many requirements before it eventually reaches us – this is to keep us safe and to stop serious incidents of disease. However, between the food industry lacking in adhering to strict standards and population’s general mistrust…

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Food Hygiene at Christmas

Food Hygiene at Christmas Turkeys are tricky.  The centrepiece of most household’s Christmas dinner is far more difficult to get right than many people realise.  There are similar difficulties if you are at a hospitality venue during the Christmas season.  Every year, the person or venue cooking the Christmas dinner can look up the best…

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Food Allergen Poster

Food Allergen Poster – Why You Need One The responsibility for alerting customers to the presence of an allergen or potential cross-contamination is firmly with the food supplier. To make this process easier, we’ve created a free food allergen poster for you to pin up in the kitchen. It details the 14 major allergens, as…

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Choosing a Restaurant Location

choosing a restaurant location

Introduction While some people would believe that restaurant success is related solely to food quality, there are plenty of other contributing factors. Picking a suitable building and location can be crucial. In this article, we’re going to explore what you should consider when picking your restaurant location. Accessibility  Accessibility for all potential customers is key…

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What does HACCP stand for? Our FAQs

haccp faqs

Introduction – What does HACCP stand for? If you run or work in a food business, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term ‘HACCP’. HACCP is a vital part of food safety management, particularly in the organisation, consistency and legality of your approach. That said, information on HACCP can be varied. As food hygiene experts,…

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How to Clean a Commercial Kitchen

how to clean a commercial kitchen

Introduction Cleaning a domestic kitchen is a relatively straightforward task. However, the kitchen of a food business is entirely different, so here’s our guide on how to clean a commercial kitchen. Equipment To begin with, let’s take a look at the cleaning equipment. We promote a ‘Clean-as-You-Go’ policy. Good practice requires regular cleaning throughout the…

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Food Hygiene in Nurseries

food hygiene in nurseriess

Introduction There is some variation in the food hygiene guidelines for different types of early years care providers. Childminders, for example, do not require a food hygiene rating like nurseries. However, the principles remain largely the same; the differences are contextual. It is vital to understand why looking after four children in your home is…

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Start a Food Business from Home: A Guide

start a food business from home

Introduction With many food businesses closed during the pandemic, lockdown offered an opportunity for many of us to hone our culinary talents. Perhaps you had a moment of realisation, mid-banana bread, that all this food you’ve been making is pretty great and maybe you should look into selling some of it locally. The problem is…

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Food Hygiene Course FAQs

food hygiene course faqs

How can this article help me? Where the safety of your staff and customers are involved, food hygiene is a serious matter. However, the dense, scientific nature of food hygiene requirements often results in mass confusion. As such, to shed some light on food hygiene, we often publish helpful articles on topics such as food…

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Clean Label Trend

clean label

Introduction In recent years, the clean label trend has become increasingly popular within the food sector. Driven by consumer demand, clean labelling encourages increasingly transparent and natural foodstuffs.  Clean labels typically have a minimal amount of easy-to-understand ingredients. Riboflavin, for example, might be presented under its popular name, Vitamin B2.  The Innocent brand has had…

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