Food Handler’s Certificate

Image of food handler's certificates

What is a Food Handler’s Certificate? Food safety is important for those involved in food handling, preparation and service. Understanding the fundamentals in food safety often involves completing food hygiene training. After completion of the course, you will often receive a food handler’s certificate, indicating proficiency in safe food practices. In this article, we’ll discuss…

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The Food Hygiene Danger Zone

Somebody checking the temperature of some food in a sauce pan

The Food Hygiene Danger Zone Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, understanding how to store, reheat and cook food is fundamental to maintaining good food safety practices. At the heart of these practices lies the concept of the food hygiene danger zone. This zone is a critical temperature range where food is…

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Food Safety Mistakes: What to Avoid and How

This photo shows a piece of soiled fruit, demonstrating one of the basic food safety mistakes, in improper storage.

If you run a food business in the UK, maintaining proper food hygiene should be a priority. Poor food hygiene can risk both your business reputation and the wellbeing of your customers. So, to run a successful food business, you need to avoid rudimentary food safety mistakes and their consequences. Here’s our list of food…

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What are the 5 Food Safety Rules?

food hygiene training

If you work in a role that involves handling, storing, serving, or preparing food in the United Kingdom, you need to know the basics of food safety. Here are 5 important food safety rules you should be sure to apply to your business. Rule 1: Maintain a high standard of food hygiene It’s essential to…

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5 Every Day Tips To Remember About Safe Food Storage

When it comes to food hygiene there are some things that you and your team should do without hesitation or question. Safe storage of food is one of these and it is part of basic food hygiene practice to ensure that the things we cook have not been stored in an unsafe environment. At the…

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The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Guide

If you handle or prepare food in work, you should know about the food hygiene rating scheme. Every eligible business in England, Wales and Northern Ireland must have a rating. It is an indication of how the local Environmental Health Officer (EHO) has graded your premises, according to the national food safety standards. It is…

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Types of Food Hazard: What You Need to Know!

There is somewhat of a ‘not-so-fantastic-four’ of types of food hazard, which you should come to know almost instinctively. These groups cover all of the common and most of the uncommon food dangers that you may encounter within the kitchen. Chemical Hazards Obviously, the chemical agents with which we clean the kitchen are not for…

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