Allergenic Ingredients in Pre-Packaged Foods

A lady in a supermarket looking at pre-packaged foods

Allergenic Ingredients in Pre-Packaged Foods In the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, pre-packaged foods have become indispensable for their convenience and diversity, catering to our ever-busy schedules and new and more varied diets. The rise in popularity of pre-packaged foods not only triggers concerns regarding nutrition, obesity and the environment but also introduces health…

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Keeping Food Safe in your Fridge

Somebody looking at food in a fridge

Keeping Food Safe in Your Fridge Keeping food safe in your fridge is crucial for protecting consumers. Proper food storage is key as it helps prevent spoilage and the growth of harmful bacteria, which in turn reduces the risk of foodborne diseases. This guide will give you an overview of the essential principles of food…

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Food Allergen Labels

Food Allergen Labels – Why They’re Important The food we eat undergoes a lot of inspection and must meet many requirements before it eventually reaches us – this is to keep us safe and to stop serious incidents of disease. However, between the food industry lacking in adhering to strict standards and population’s general mistrust…

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Food Hygiene at Christmas

Food Hygiene at Christmas Turkeys are tricky.  The centrepiece of most household’s Christmas dinner is far more difficult to get right than many people realise.  There are similar difficulties if you are at a hospitality venue during the Christmas season.  Every year, the person or venue cooking the Christmas dinner can look up the best…

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Food Allergen Poster

Food Allergen Poster – Why You Need One The responsibility for alerting customers to the presence of an allergen or potential cross-contamination is firmly with the food supplier. To make this process easier, we’ve created a free food allergen poster for you to pin up in the kitchen. It details the 14 major allergens, as…

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Food Safety Management Systems: An Overview

food safety management

What is a Food Safety Management System? A Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is a set of measures that a food business adheres to; it ensures the safety of the food which the staff prepares. Whilst the exact FSMS you employ as a food business is up to you, UK businesses have a legal requirement…

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Bad Food Hygiene: What Does it Cost?

A sign is stuck on a shop window with a '1' score, signifying bad food hygiene.

If you run a business, you often have to make a decision about the costs and benefits of staff training. We suggest you beware of the dangers of so-called ‘free’ courses, for example, as you tend to get what you pay for. Bad food hygiene practice, however, is always the most costly option. That said,…

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Food Safety Mistakes: What to Avoid and How

This photo shows a piece of soiled fruit, demonstrating one of the basic food safety mistakes, in improper storage.

If you run a food business in the UK, maintaining proper food hygiene should be a priority. Poor food hygiene can risk both your business reputation and the wellbeing of your customers. So, to run a successful food business, you need to avoid rudimentary food safety mistakes and their consequences. Here’s our list of food…

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What are the 5 Food Safety Rules?

food hygiene training

If you work in a role that involves handling, storing, serving, or preparing food in the United Kingdom, you need to know the basics of food safety. Here are 5 important food safety rules you should be sure to apply to your business. Rule 1: Maintain a high standard of food hygiene It’s essential to…

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Free Food Hygiene Certificates

If you handle food at work, it is a legal requirement that you receive food hygiene training to ensure the safety of the general public, your staff and your business reputation. To be on the safe side, many businesses insist that all staff who handle food must have a valid food hygiene training certificate. As…

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