food hygiene training

If you work in a pub or bar in the United Kingdom, it’s likely that you’ll need a food hygiene training certificate. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining high standards of food hygiene in your pub…

Food hygiene training

It is a legal responsibility for everyone who comes into contact with food at work in the United Kingdom to have an understanding of best food hygiene practice. This is typically evidenced by completing a food hygiene training course. So, if you prepare food, serve food, handle raw (unpackaged) food, or cook food as part of your job, you will need to have an appropriate level of food hygiene training by either completing a food safety course or receiving on the job training.

Food hygiene training is available at Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, and depending on the nature of your role, you will need to select the course that matches with your responsibilities the most. In the majority of pubs, every member of staff who comes into contact with food in any capacity ought to have a Level 1 food hygiene certificate at minimum. This will prove to any food hygiene inspector that your business takes food hygiene seriously and has processes in place to prevent any risk to public health.

However, in pubs where you have a kitchen and offer a menu of food to your customers, certain members of staff will require food hygiene training at Level 2 as well. The good news is that Level 1 and Level 2 food hygiene training can be completed conveniently online, saving you both time and money.

In addition, any member of staff who supervises food handlers (for example, managers and kitchen supervisors) will need to take a Level 3 food hygiene course. Level 3 food hygiene courses are best taken in a face-to-face environment due to the nature of the learning involved. If you think you might need a Level 3 food hygiene certificate in your pub or bar, please click here now to learn more about the face-to-face food hygiene training we provide.

food hygiene training

How can food hygiene training benefit my pub business?

Food hygiene training will teach you so much more than simply how to clean your kitchen thoroughly and to wash your hands before and after handling food. In fact, there’s quite a lot of knowledge that goes into an accredited food hygiene course, such as understanding the safest temperatures to store different types of food at, the legal responsibilities you have in relation to food safety, the best practice for good food hygiene, how to deal with staff illness, noticing potential hazards in your work environment, and how to prepare and serve food to your customers safely. Taking a verifiable food hygiene training course can be an eye-opening learning experience for all staff who work around food, no matter the level of training they’ve already received.

It’s a simple truth that your reputation matters if you’re trying to run a successful pub in the United Kingdom. Customers will want the reassurance that they’re drinking and eating in an environment that takes care of food hygiene so that there is a very minimal risk of food poisoning or any other unwelcome public health incidents.

If you make food hygiene training a priority and ensure that all of your staff are on board with good food hygiene practices, this will not only reflect in the quality of the food you are serving but also in the results of your food hygiene or environmental health inspections. As a registered business selling food and drink to customers, you will certainly be inspected by your local authority who will want to see evidence of good food hygiene practice, and the result of this inspection will be made public. Don’t risk your business’s reputation for the sake of the 1 to 2 hours it will take staff to complete an accredited online food hygiene training course.

food hygiene training

Do I need food hygiene training if my pub doesn’t serve food?

As a general rule, if you are unsure about whether or not you need food hygiene training in your pub, we always recommend contacting your local authority first, as they will be able to advise you specifically on the level of training your business needs.

It is safe to assume that if you have a kitchen on premises and you serve food to your customers, then every member of staff who handles food in your pub will need to take a food hygiene course. In some cases, such as if your pub only sells pre-packaged food such as crisps and nuts, you might not have a legal requirement to take food hygiene training.

However, here at the Food Hygiene Company, we know the benefits that food hygiene training can bring to your business, and with our Level 1 food hygiene courses starting from as little as £9.95 plus VAT per course, why wouldn’t you want to certify your knowledge today?

food hygiene training

Where can I get food hygiene training for pubs?

As a general introduction to food hygiene training suitable for everyone in your pub who works around food but does not handle or prepare raw (unpackaged) food, our online Level 1 Food Hygiene course is the best choice.

Every member of staff who handles or prepares raw (unpackaged) food in your pub will need to take our online Level 2 Food Hygiene – Catering course.

Food hygiene training at Level 3 and above will need to be completed in a face-to-face environment. For more information about our face-to-face food hygiene training, please click here.

You can click here now to browse our full list of available online food hygiene training courses, all of which can be taken entirely online in as little as 1 to 2 hours, with verifiable food hygiene certificates available to download and print immediately upon successful completion of the course.

Got a question about food hygiene training for pubs?

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